Our philosophy is based on the Bible, the perfect Word of God, and the source of all truth. Education is not complete without knowledge of God, His plan for the world and the people in it. We will endeavor to lead the student to grow in grace, and send them out into the world prepared to lead their community and effectively serve the community and place of worship. Therefore, all academic subjects are taught in light of God’s Word and are based upon scriptural principles. All academics assume a Christian worldview as the pre-supposition, and they thoroughly integrate the Word of God into lessons.


We will endeavor to educate students to know God and understand themselves and instill in each student a desire to learn and grow.


We will provide a Christ-centered learning environment where students will achieve excellence in spirit, character, and academics.

Our environment is such to assist your child to:

  • LEAD a life centered around the principles of integrity, honesty, and humility.

  • REMEMBER what’s important in life is knowledge of God, learning, personal growth, development, contribution, and spiritual fulfillment.

  • REVERE and EMULATE admirable characteristics found in others.

  • RECOGNIZE their strengths and develop talent as a person who is imaginative, understanding, intelligent, insightful, and spiritual.

  • ENVISION themselves becoming that person whom they want to be.

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