The teaching staff of our school is dedicated to the spiritual and educational growth of each child that is entrusted in our care and has been carefully selected with a view to high standards of training, experience, and  Christian character. Our teachers are professionals qualified by training and/or experience to teach the subjects and age levels to which they are assigned.


Rebecca Langston


High School Learning Center


Juanita Clark

Kindergarten Teacher

Elementary Learning Center

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Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) is a Bible-based academic foundation for grades K-12, ACE provides a quality, individualized, character-building education. ACE majors on these distinctions.

  • 1 Places the child at the exact academic ability by diagnostic testing.
  • 2 Incorporates goal setting, character building, and wisdom principles.
  • 3 Utilizes multimedia and computer technology.
  • 4 Encourages parental involvement.
  • 5 Stresses uniqueness of the individual.
  • 6 Teaches critical thinking skills.
  • 7 Produces academic excellence.